Microsoft Access Services

Microsoft Access will always have a place with small businesses and non-profits. Florida Small Business Services recognizes this and can provide several services to help your business continue to thrive with that program. Whether it's building or maintaining a custom application, building a data collection application, a task management solution or providing training services. Also, if you have a program that's no longer being maintained or key personnel have left then we can help with that too.

If you're ready to move on from Access to either a new program or need a larger data storage area we can review the current program to help you develop a game plan to scale your business needs.

A description of the services we provide related to Microsoft Access are below. If you don't see something, have questions or would like to start putting us to work for you please contact us today.

Database Maintenance

Whether it's maintaining or deciphering a current database solution due to it being unmanageable or locked the first step is examining it. Once we've had a chance to examine the current program we can then work backwards to develop solutions that allow it to be more manageable. This may involve training new personnel, improved documentation and/or design changes that make it more useable.

New Application

For most small businesses a full scale software application can be overkill. Many of the features will never be used and the capacities will never be reached. That's where leveraging Microsoft Access can benefit your business. It allows many basic and some complex tasks to be automated and made more efficient through the use of forms, queries and tables.

Depending on your needs and the number of people needing access and the amount of data being stored it can greatly adjust the complexity. We can help you determine the best route to take whether it's a standalone Access application or an Access front end with a MySQL backend.


Whether you or your team are new to Access, you have a database application that needs to be documented for future tutorials and training or you just need cheat sheets provided. We're more than happy to come to your location and provide your employees one on one or small group instruction. If you need an existing program more thouroughly documented we can do that as well. The time it takes will obviously vary depending on the complexity of the program.

Scaling Up

If you have a Microsoft Access application and are finding that you're reaching it's upper limits. Either it's starting to slow down, you have too many users accessing it or it's exceeding it's data storage, it may be time to upgrade.

We have two solutions to help you take the next step. The first is to simply build a larger data storage. When doing this we utilize our servers and host the data for you. This allows nearly unlimited storage capacity, daily backups and additional security to prevent unwanted access to it. We first start by examining the current program to determine it's current table structure and queries. Next, we'll recreate the backend database on our server including all tables and queries. Finally, we'll update your database so that it has the updated connection strings and SQL code.

The second option is to build a stand alone application. This has the added benefit of being accessible from anywhere on nearly any device. This is a much more involved process but allows you take the ultimate step towards scaling up. For more information visit the Software Development page.

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